Rules and Regulations

Class schedule and Teacher assignment changes on Behalf of SBA

Classes and teacher assignment are subject to change without notification, however we will aways do our best to notify you in an appropriate and timely manner. 

All classes require at least 2 students in order to run and are typically given 3 weeks from the start of a Session to acquire that minimum enrollment. It is our wish for all classes to run and we only cancel class classes as a last resort. If your class is in danger of being cancelled, we will notify you and actively work with you to find the next best options. If your class was cancelled and you are not able to find a class that works, you are eligible to a full refund for untaken classes

 Parents must accompany young children to the studio and from the studio. Parents are welcome to wait for their children in the main waiting area or in the hallway. We are responsible for your children during their class with us. However, you are responsible for their behavior and safety before and after class.  Young children may not be left in the hallway unattended and siblings must stay with parents.  Parents, please ensure your children are quiet in the hallways, restrooms and lobby out of respect for our neighboring businesses and their customers.  Please refrain from entering the office cubicles.

 Attendance and Make Up Classes

Regular attendance is very important to the student's development. Repeated absences can result in a student's failure to progress from level to level.  Missed classes may be made up at an equal level or one below at any time during the session in which the class is missed.  Make ups are not permitted more than 3 times during the session. We strongly encourage students to attend their chosen classes. Changing classes several times per year delays progress as the child re-adjusts to the new class. Makeup classes are not available during Parent Observation Week which is the last week of the session. Refunds are not given for missed classes or when students discontinue classes for any reason after they have enrolled in a session.

Parent Class Observation

The last week of each session is designated as Parent Observation Week. Video cameras are not allowed in the classroom

 Classroom Rules

For safety reasons, we request that young children not enter the classroom before the teacher is present.  Gum is not allowed in class.  Please try to come dressed or use the dressing room to change.  When entering the classroom, students should have on their dance clothes and other personal items should be neatly stored in the dressing room cubbies.  Students are expected to come to class prepared wearing ballet shoes, tights, a leotard and their hair neatly secured in a bun.

School Closings

SBA follows the Loudoun County School District concerning school closings due to inclement weather.


Students must promptly report any injury or sickness.